Orange Calcite


Orange Calcite


Made with orange calcite, brandy and distilled water. Orange calcite is associated with the energies of the sun and of joy. This stone helps to soften sadness and restore warmth. Made on the new moon in Leo, this essence of orange calcite sparks creativity and confidence ~ it is liquid sunshine!

Gemstone essences provide wonderful tools for healing, emotional support and personal growth in an area of practice known as 'Vibrational Medicine'. Essences made from gemstones help stimulate the release of blockages that prevent us from fully integrating our highest self into our daily lives.

This type of energetic medicine tends to have a gradual effect over a period of time. Therefore, I recommend you be consistent with taking it and incorporate it into your daily self-care practice.

Directions: Internally, take 3-9 drops as desired. Essences can also be applied to bath water, pillows, paint, your body, pretty much anywhere you would like.

Listing is for a 1 oz amber glass bottle with dropper = $16.00

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