Soothsayer Salve


Soothsayer Salve


This soothsayer salve is my take on the classic witches' flying ointment. Historically used by witches to aid in divination, visioning, and dreaming.

This special blend was first steeped on the new moon // winter solstice of 2014 and then strained and infused on the last full moon of the year.

Everyone will respond differently to the energetic nature of this salve. It is meant to open up your own places of perception and ground you during vision or dreamspace work.

Δ Made with all organic herbs including mugwort, blue vervain, calamus, sage + yarrow
Δ The essential oils of clary sage, vetiver, sandalwood, clove + lavender
Δ A crystal elixir containing lapis lazuli, turquoise + carnelian
Δ Olive oil + local beeswax

Directions: Warm with fingertips and begin by using a small amount. Apply to the nape of your neck, your temples, third eye, heart, wrists, and other pressure points.

Listing for a 1oz tin

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